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Blazed THCA Delta-9B 7g Disposable

Blazed THCA Delta-9B 7g Disposable

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Blazed’s 7 Gram THCA Disposable Vape is one of the strongest products we’ve ever seen. Using our popular device, the “BFV”, you’ll get a smooth and powerful smooth experience. We built this device to make clogging and leaking almost non-existent.

This is the first true 7 gram disposable on the market. Part of the classic line of Blazed, enjoy THCA and High Delta 9B and 9H paired with awesome terpenes to make an unforgettable experience.

The Blazed 7 Gram is taking the world by storm, and is getting extremely popular with these awesome live terpene flavors. Users may feel an extraordinary buzz and experience. Nobody uses High Delta 9B and 9H in their vapes because it’s expensive. Blazed did and you can enjoy a different experience because of it. Enjoy!

  • Premium Live Resin THCA and High Delta 9B/Delta 9H Distillate
  • Live Terpenes
  • Hemp-derived

Berrylicious Dream | Blue Cherry Pie | Frosted Orange | Funky Frank | Screaming Eagle | Sour Serenade

Strawberry Stardust | Tropical Thunder | Unicorn Cake

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