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Float Mushroom Shots 2 oz

Float Mushroom Shots 2 oz

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Delight in the deliciousness of Float Mushroom Shots 2 oz! It's made from all-natural ingredients, including real fruit extracts, so you can relax and feel good about indulging in a tasty treat. Perfect for when you need a break from the everyday! Float away with these scrumptious mushroom shots!

  • 2-ounce drink shot blend, hemp-derived D9 THC, functional mushrooms
  • Potency: 25mg D9 THC, 1 shot = 1 serving

Float Mushroom Berry's all-natural herbal blend allows for up to 6 hours of relaxation, whereas all other similar products last 2 1/2 hours. Using real fruit extracts for the flavor, they're as good going down as they are coming on. Lion's Mane helps to support focus and productivity, which is why each small bottle has a high dose: 1,000 mg.

*Caution* Contains hemp-derived Delta 9 extract

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