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8 of the Best Ways to Take CBD Oil For Maximum Effect

8 of the Best Ways to Consume CBD Oil For Maximum Effect

What are the best ways to consume and absorb CBD oil today? CBD production has come a long way in recent years, so learn more here...

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In past years hemp-derived products were considered federally unlawful, whereas today they are not considered unlawful, it just depends on your state's regulations.

Production of CBD oil has gone great lengths and grown in popularity across the nation. Whatever your reasons are for using it, here are some of the best ways to take CBD oil.

#1: Hold CBD Oil Under Your Tongue

Holding CBD oil under the tongue is also known as sublingual consumption. Hold the oil under your tongue for about 30 seconds and then you can swallow it. It is an easy process that requires no extra tools, preparation, and it is discreet.

If interested in this method, you would need to purchase a tincture. Tinctures are the little eye drop bottles. You can visibly and physically control how much oil you are ingesting when you use a tincture.

The thing to look out for when purchasing a tincture is if it contains alcohol. The best way to avoid tinctures mixed with alcohol is to look for ones made with vegetable glycerin.

This method does take a bit of time to show effects on the body, but it is one of the best ways to take CBD oil. You will feel the effects of the oil for a long time when using this method.

#2: Drink It in a Drink of Your Choice

It tastes great in a cup of hot tea, sports drinks, and even water.

You can find flavored CBD oil if you want to mask the natural flavor of hemp, or you can go au natural. There are plentiful flavors of CBD oil in the marketplace. It is just a matter of choosing the flavor that you best like and adding it to your hot or cold drink of choice.

It is unlikely you will find alcoholic beverages containing CBD oil out in the marketplace as it is considered unlawful. At the moment CBD oil sits in a legal gray area across most of the US.

Hemp-derived CBD is considered federally legal, but many state laws do not align themselves with the federal law. Familiarize yourself with your state’s laws on hemp-derived products to determine if your state follows the federal regulations or their own.

#3: Take a CBD Oil Capsule

If you’re looking to skip the taste, and just want to dive into its benefits, taking a CBD oil capsule might be best for you. You can acquire capsules or pills in most markets.

Keep in mind that this is not a fast-act. Ingesting CBD oil via a capsule or pill takes a while for the effects to hit. Your body has to first digest it and the oil has to disperse through the body. This could take between 10-30 minutes. It just depends on your body.

If you are not the kind of person who enjoys sipping it in a drink or eating an edible, this may be the best way for you to use CBD oil.

#4: Eat CBD Oil Edibles

CBD oil gummies are beginning to take over the markets. Taking an edible is a delicious route and it is a pre-measured dose. You can take it anywhere making it discreet and it will take a longer time for the body to absorb it.

#5: Mix CBD in Your Food

You can make edibles at home or you can add it into your cooking, just be mindful of how much oil you are adding.

There is no limit to how creative you can get when you add CBD oil to your food. If you like yogurt, you can add a flavored oil into your morning breakfast with some fresh fruit.

Again, you want to measure out how much oil you are using. If you use a tincture and you already know how much oil does the trick for you, just add that amount to your cooking.

If you are just starting out, it is recommended to start with small doses until you know what amount is best for you.

#6: Rub CBD Oil on Your Skin

Topical creams, lotions, and moisturizers are growing in popularity. You apply this directly to your skin and rub it in.

Many people use this if they are seeking direct pain relief that is felt where the oil is applied. If you workout or if you have some muscle soreness from other activities, this is a great way to promote muscle recovery.

#7: Vape CBD Oil

If you already vape, you can substitute the oil you typically use for a CBD oil instead.

A vape pen or vaporizer uses a heating element and chamber to warm and turn the oil into smoke.

If you’re on the lookout for an alternative to smoking, vaping can alleviate the stress of the harsh effects that typical forms of smoking cause on your throat and lungs.

It is easy to control the dosage amount you receive when vaping. This can provide a high concentration giving you the maximum effects.

This does require purchasing a CBD vape pen, if you are not already an owner of one.

Make sure to keep your vape clean from excess moisture or excess oil by wiping down the inside and outside regularly.

#8: Smoke CBD Oil

Smoking CBD oil is done by using an oil rig. This can be hard on your lungs and throat if you are not accustomed to smoking.

Like vaping, this use allows for the highest concentration of oil to be consumed giving the maximum possible effects.

You’re Ready to Go!

Deciding which method is best is entirely up to your preferences and comfort.

Figuring out how big your dosage should be is difficult as the Food and Drug Administration has yet to complete a formal nutritional guide on usage. Take things slow and start small until you find the correct dosage for yourself.

You can find CBD oil in tinctures, lotions, and edibles. You can even find flavored CBD oils as well as all-natural oils. It’s time to enjoy the relaxation and calm of using CBD oil!

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