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Is CBD Safe for Pets? What you need to Know.

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

Pet owners use CBD to treat pets for many reasons including anxiety, arthritis, nausea, stress, seizures and pain relief from cancer and other diseases. There are various ways to treat pets including cannabis oil, capsules or edible treats. While CBD oil can be administered topically, it is more commonly administered orally and is often infused with coconut oil. CBD oil can also be mixed with your pet’s food. 

Despite the lack of available knowledge and information, more researchers have been slowly broaching the topic. In 2018, a study revealed that CBD was able to reduce pain in dogs with no negative side effects. More recently, a 2021 study researched the effect of cannabis on shelter dogs, revealing the plant may reduce aggressive behavior towards humans. 

What form of CBD is Best for Dogs?

A 2016 study measured the pharmacokinetics, which basically means you give the dogs a single dose of all three delivery methods and then you measure a bunch of different blood levels over a 12-hour period.

The authors of the study found that, out of the three specific formulations they tested, the oil had the best pharmacokinetic profile, meaning it reached the highest concentration in the blood, stayed in the bloodstream the longest, and performed the most consistently across different types of dogs. The capsule also performed well but the cream less so. It performed too inconsistently to draw any conclusions in this small study.

These results line up with what we know so far about CBD absorption in humans.

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