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What is CBD Kief and What are the effects

What Is CBD Kief?

Kief, sometimes called “toppings” or “pollen” is a solventless cannabis concentrate that can give your traditional cannabis flower an extra kick. 

Whereas traditional cannabis flowers can reach potencies of up to 25% CBD (or THC depending on your flower,) kief’s potency percentage can range anywhere from the low 20s to mid-50s. 

To the naked eye, high-quality kief is a golden-yellow color that resembles sand. Under a microscope, the individual components of kief, trichomes, look much different.

What Kief looks like:

In pictures you can see that kief looks like a shiny powder. If you look a little closer, you will see some kind of small crystals, just like with sugar. High-quality kief has a light yellow-brown color. If the kief is more green, it means that the sieve it passed through had larger openings that allowed more plant material to pass through.

Is CBD Kief Psychoactive?

CBD Kief is not psychoactive unlike its cousin THC. The THC content in hemp is so low that it does not affect people in the same way as marijuana. That is why many people prefer hemp to marijuana

Ways to Use CBD Kief:

There are several ways to use it, including:


You can sprinkle some into your flowers and smoke it. Keep in mind that this is a potent hemp CBD concentrate that can contain up to 50% CBD. Pack a bowl or roll a joint by mixing it with ground hemp flower. When smoking this concentrate, make sure to quickly get the puffs after lighting it up because it burns fast. 

Take your pipe or bong, fill it with hemp flower and sprinkle a little kief on top of it. Make sure to measure the levels of cannabinoids when taking it together with the flower. Try to light the bowl slowly instead of “blazing it” with the flame because you don’t want it to burn before you smoke it. 

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CBD Hash 

Are hash and kief the same thing? No. Hash is the oldest cannabis concentrate made by extracting kief. The extracted kief gets heated and pressurized into a solid piece of ball or slab, known as hash. 

It’s easy to make hash from kief. All you need to do is apply heat and pressure. You can add the concentrate to the center of a piece of parchment paper, fold the paper tightly around it, and apply heat and pressure. You can use your hands or a hair straightener to press the hash. 

It’s important to know that applying heat and pressure to kief when creating hash ruptures the resin glands and changes the composition of the concentrate. This gives hash a new taste and slightly different overall effects.  

Moon Rocks

CBD Hemp moonrocks are known as the strongest, most potent hemp CBD products on the market. They provide a powerful serving of cannabinoids and are perfect for people in need of cannabidiol products for medical purposes. Moonrocks are top-quality nugs covered in oil (of choice) and rolled in kief. Because they are coated in kief, they can contain up to 50% CBD, so you should dose them accordingly. 

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