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Tre House Magic Mushroom Gummies 15pk (10-Pack Display)

Tre House Magic Mushroom Gummies 15pk (10-Pack Display)

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*Sold in 10-Pack Displays 

These days, everything comes in a gummy. Vitamins. THC. Supplements. THC. Sugary snacks. More THC—all in chewy, tasty gummies. Sure, gummies are great! Their mouthwatering flavors are downright delicious, and their effects are out of this world, but where’s the nuance? Where’s the magic?… We’re happy you asked. 

We’re changing the gummy game with our Blue Raspberry Mushroom Gummies, throwing in a different kind of fun and adding a little sprinkle of magical nuance. Take one Blue Raspberry Mushroom Gummy for a good night, another for a night out, and a few more to see your house from the moon.

TreHouse Magic Mushroom Gummy Flavors:

  • Blue Raspberry 
  • Juicy Mango 
  • Sour Apple
  • Sour Tropical
  • Strawberry Dream
  • Watermelon Wonder
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