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Enjoyable Mushroom Gummies

Enjoyable Mushroom Gummies

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We've taken your favorite gummy to the next level. Introducing the highly anticipated Nootropic-Infused Neuro Enhancer Vegan Gummies. Our proprietary nootropic extract is now twice as potent as our previous line, giving you complete control over your experience, dosage, and usage.

Each bag contains 10 Vegan Nootropic gummies.

These precisely micro-dosed gummies are carefully formulated to enhance your mood, focus, and cognitive functionality. They also support gut health, metabolism, and energy.

Make our Nootropic-Infused Neuro Enhancer Vegan Gummies a part of your daily routine or have some extra when you're ready for some fun!

Neuro Enhancer Gummy Flavors:

Cactus Cooler

Fruit Punch

Lemon Limeade

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