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Half Bak'd

Half Bak'd PURIFRYD THC-A Diamonds 2G (6-Pack Display)

Half Bak'd PURIFRYD THC-A Diamonds 2G (6-Pack Display)

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Half Bak’d Purifry’d Diamonds | 2g


Discover the ultimate dabbing experience with Half Bak’d Purifry’d Diamonds - perfectly crafted 2-gram jars of pure THCA concentrate. Hold the jar in your hands and imagine the euphoria that awaits.

Half Bak'd Wholesale

These premium concentrates offer a versatile way to relax, be creative, or boost your energy. Whether you're a seasoned dabber or new to the scene, Half Bak’d Purifry’d Diamonds are the perfect addition to your routine.

Elevate your experience and join the countless enthusiasts who have made these diamonds a staple in their collection. Try them now and experience the difference of Half Bak’d for yourself.

Half Bak'd PURIFRYD THC-A Diamonds Strain Profiles:

  • Krypto Chronic 
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Purple Urkle 

Half Bak'd PURIFRYD THC-A Diamond features:

  • 2-Grams Per Jar
  • Contains pure THCA concentrate


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